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Why our coffee is exceptionally smooth.

There are several aspects to roasting a good cup of coffee. But here are just a few of the reasons we think ours is exceptional.

  1. Constantly researching available coffees and look for only the best beans with characteristics we think would make a great cup of coffee.

  2. We don't over roast or use lower-quality beans for darker roasts. Some coffee out there, mostly the big commercial coffees, sometimes choose lower quality beans for their darker roasts.

  3. Freshness. Our coffee is roasted, bagged, shipped and usually delivered to you within 5-6 days from the time you placed your order. This is intentional because whole bean coffee that has been roasted in under 7 days is usually too fresh to drink. It's still going through the degassing stage where it releases CO2, which can hinder the extraction process of the coffee.

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